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High Noon@ 27th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAAFF) !!

High Noon

Lie ri dang kong

International Showcase (Hong Kong | 2008 | 106 mins | 35mm)

In Cantonese with English subtitles


US Premiere

Directed By: Heiward Mak

Exec. Producers: Yeh Jia Hai, Li Kuo Hsing
Producer: Eric Tsang
Writer: Heiward Mak
Cinematographer: Rex Chan Ho-yin
Editor: Nose Chan Chui-hing
Music: Patrick Lo
Cast: Lam Yiu-sing, Anjo Leung Hiu-Fung, Sham Ka-Kei, Jeremy Liu Pak-Wing
Produced By: Small Producer, Other Producer



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Sex, violence and detention fill the lives of seven high-school boys in HIGH NOON, a tour-de-force from 24-year-old director Heiward Mak. Wing (Lam Yiu-sing) is the new kid at school, and is soon befriended by a group of students known for getting into trouble at every given opportunity.

Punished at school, viewed as trash by society and seeing nothing in the future beyond a pointless, mundane existence, the boys behave with utter irreverence, chasing girls, sniffing drugs, starting fights and even mass-distributing a sex video on the Internet. Soon consequences of their antics catch up with the boys, and will test the only thing they take seriously: their friendship.

Mak, making her feature debut, injects the script with a level of authenticity rarely seen in teen-focused Hong Kong films. With an unknown cast and a keen eye for youth lingo and trends, HIGH NOON is driven by a raw energy, filled with teen angst and a disappointment with an adult world that offers little hope. Through montages, fantasy sequences and a constant sense of heightened reality, Mak boldly chooses a more unconventional style to tell a story that is affecting and powerful, and delivers a stunning film that is, quintessentially, Hong Kong cinema at its best. Mak is undoubtedly a talent to watch, and HIGH NOON is likely going to become the film that defines a generation.


-- Vicci Ho

Screening Schedule:

WED 3/18 9:00pm
Sundance Kabuki 1

THU 3/19 8:30pm
Pacific Film Archive

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Movie blog:

日期: 2009年3月29日
時間: 下午12:30
編號: 29SM3M2
地點: 香港科學館演講廳
日期: 2009年4月12日
時間: 下午9:00
編號: 12AC4E2
地點: 香港藝術中心Agnès b.電影院


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My Kid's 1st short documentary, get into the finalist of IFVA!!!! I am so proud of him!!!! Let's come and support him on 14/3!!!!

岑珈其首個紀錄短片作品<活在當下>(Life must go on)入圍 ifva 青少年組!!

14/3 (Sat) / 2pm / AbC
香港/ Beta/ 彩色/ 107mins

作品簡介 :



我,十七歲,即將十八歲。到底,我,在做什麼? 每天過著像是同樣的生活,看著身邊同樣的人,做著相差無幾的事。如果世界末日,我們最想做什麼?我們現在,又可以做什麼?每一個人都有他最想做的事情,每一個人都有只屬自己的想法,每一個人都有耐人尋味的故事...為什麼,只有我,如此平凡?但無論怎樣,我都只能活在當下...